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The Story of 3am 

Here we are and another year of CBC Searchlight has begun! Every year, I seem to face the same internal question, "Which song do I want the world to hear of mine right now?". This year I found my answer very easily. 

3am was a song that I wrote in a matter of hours, yet was difficult for me to write. It felt so easy to put the music to my thoughts, but it still was challenging to write something that I knew so many other people could relate to. I've had this happen before with several of my songs, all just on varying levels on the spectrum of personal topics.

Could 3am could be classified as just another "break-up" song? Sure. I guess so. But it's more than that. It's a song about a person who is rising above this situation/relationship that they've found themselves to be in or to be an observer of, and putting their foot down. It's a song showcasing that sometimes there are dark moments where it feels like nobody cares. There are moments when it's the middle of the afternoon and you're surrounded by good people, but it still feels like you're all alone at 3 in the morning. 

My 2018 CBC Searchlight is officially online, and you can vote from February 13th to February 28th. Please take a listen to the song at the given link below, share with those you love, and consider voting for me to reach the top 100 of CBC Searchlight! 

Thank you so much,, and I hope 3am wins over your heart.

Vote Now - CBC Searchlight

Love, Ainsley Elisa